7th February 2024, Newcastle: Medical Chameleons

The 24th Medical Ophthalmological Society Meeting is to be held:

‚ě§ The Locomotion Suite, Crowne Plaza Newcastle
‚ě§ Date: Wednesday 7th February 2024
‚ě§ Abstract deadline: 5th January 2024


eye with light

Much like a chameleon blending into its environment, these diseases can mimic other eye conditions or manifest in subtle ways, making them difficult to identify. Their impact, however, can be profound, affecting not just the eyes but the entire body.

Join us in February 2024 for a day of “Medical Chameleons,” in which we delve into the diagnosis and management of these intricate, and shape-shifting, intersections of ophthalmology with diverse medical disciplines. In what promises to be a colourful and enlightening experience, we will shed some light on the myriad infectious, autoimmune and masquerades which require the detective eye of the ophthalmic physician and collaboration with other medical specialities and ophthalmic sub-specialities.

The symposium follows on from our illuminating 2023 meeting which highlighted the expanding role of medical ophthalmologists in working alongside our sub-speciality colleagues within inflammatory disorders of the orbit and ocular surface (

MOSUK 2024 features a dynamic program which starts with a morning symposium on Sarcoidosis (exploring this disease from Respiratory, Neurological, and Ophthalmic perspectives) led by experts Dr Ian Forrest, Dr Ailbhe Burke and Dr Greg Heath

Our MOSUK Annual Guest Lecture, delivered by Prof Nick Jones, will cover the topic of Ocular Tuberculosis.

In the afternoon we have an unmissable Ocular Lymphoma Symposium, where Ms. Rumana Hussain, Prof Sarah Coupland provide insights into ocular oncology, diagnostic pathology, and medical oncology.

Free papers will be presented – this is open for all and is an excellent opportunity for fellows, trainees and medical students to win a national prize. Please do share with your juniors and peers.

Optometrists, Orthoptists, Ophthalmic Nurses, Ophthalmic Allied Health Practitioners and students of the above are ALL more than welcome.
Please do join us for a day of knowledge exchange and collaborative learning at the forefront of ophthalmic medicine.

MOSUK’s 25th meeting
Taking place on Wednesday 07th February 2024
at Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3SA, UK